Learn How to Make a Mind-to-Muscle Connection

Develop a plan for back pain relief and more in Pittsfield, MA

If you struggle with sciatica, hip pain or back pain, relief doesn't have to be difficult to find. Often, the source of pain is tied to a muscle imbalance. You can learn how to fix a muscle imbalance and develop techniques to relieve body pain when you work with LH Fitness 413.

Luis, the specialist in muscle imbalance corrections, will provide one-on-one coaching to teach you how to connect your mind and your muscles to relieve pain. Call 413-329-1560 now to make an appointment in Pittsfield, MA.

You'll appreciate how easy the new client process is

Starting as a new client somewhere can be complicated, but not with LH Fitness 413. You'll appreciate Luis's simple process for bringing on new clients, which includes the following steps:

  • First - We'll take you through a sequence of movement patterns to determine where your imbalances are.
  • Second - We'll create a unique monthly program to fix your muscle imbalances and relieve your pain.
  • Finally- We'll schedule you to attend two sessions a week to relieve the pain in your specific problem areas.

It won't take long for you to experience muscle and back pain relief. Schedule your initial movement evaluation today.